white dwarf magazine

Employer: Games Workshop
Process: Miniature Photography, Typography and Layout

White Dwarf is Games Workshop’s monthly hobby and advertising magazine. It includes articles on new releases, product tips and showcases. I always endevoured in my layouts to keep the content as the main focal point but adding aesthetic elements to keep the designs fresh and visually interesting along with branding the different style of articles.

The Tandaris Outbreak was an epic campaign included in a series of three White Dwarf issues for Games Workshop to promote the "Hobby" which utilised a lot of narrative around a plague outbreak. Three battle reports where played out with custom made armies themed to fit within the narrative setting.

The lay out concept for each spread was centred around the ideas that the article itself not only told the story, but was part of it. Each part fit within a file which had fragments of the story with scratchy maps and photography. Each part progressively became more decayed as the story of the plague went on.

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