Bluefrog POS Reservations

Client: Bluefrog POS
Process: UX, Visual Design and Development

The Bluefrog POS reservations system was an additional online product which would allow their clients to take restuarant bookings in addition to using the successful point of sale software. The diary view lists all upcoming bookings (per day) listed in order of arrival with a simple touch screen interface, intiuative enough to avoid training. The system includes useful dashboard information including late arrivals, tentative bookings and the expected number of patrons per day all at a glance.

I avoided the standard diary approach of showing all times with an hourly breakdown, filled only when there is a booking as I found that it would leave a congested few hour blocks and white space the rest of the day. Finding that restuarant bookings are based on people arriving at the same time rather than a few people at lots of different times, I found a single list sorted by date descending was a better approach.

Designed specifically for touch screen interfaces, it included an onscreen keyboard. All the layouts respond to tablets and smaller devices so that no special hardware was required. Menus and other non essential items are hidden off screen until needed to maximise real-estate for working staff.

Bluefrog POS Reservations Diary View Bluefrog POS Reservations Touch Interation