Elastic Grid

Employer: Elastic Grid
Role: Senior UX Designer & Design Team Lead
Process: Branding, User Experience and Visual Design

Elastic Grid is an enterprise through-channel partner demand automation platform. It consists of applications which allow Vendors to give their re-sellers digital campaigns they can leverage to target customers and generate sales leads through email and social-media workflows.

I am responsible for the end-to-end design of new application features and user workflow review and improvement. This includes requirement gathering, user testing, usability analysis and domain knowledge sharing. Elastic Grid contains a complete partner marketing journey from asset downloads, digital campaign automation, contact relationship management and extensive reporting tools.

Elastic Grid Website Elastic Grid Vendor Portal Home Elastic Grid Vendor Collateral Library Elastic Grid Campaign Launcher Dashboard Elastic Grid Contact Management Elastic Grid Lead Profile Elastic Grid Campaign List Elastic Grid Campaign Details Screen Elastic Grid Campaign Site Builder Elastic Grid Campaign Launch Pad Elastic Grid Campaign Launch Scheduling Elastic Grid Campaign Launch Email Edit Elastic Grid Campaign Launch Contacts Elastic Grid Campaign Site Analytics