Employer: Westfield
Role: Senior Web Designer

Westfield.com.au was a large application which helped Australian shoppers find stores, browse (and buy) products as well as access great deals and editorial content. While the company's digital strategy has changed direction in recent years, the site I worked on for 5 years evolved from a local store finder, into a large online retailing presence. For a time, Westfield aggrigating more than 100 retailers online. As the Senior Web Designer I contributed to the user experience of the mobile and desktop sites.

Westfield Homepage (2012) Westfield homepage: Consolidating all of Westfield’s online shopping and customer service properties featuring 1000 of mall-based stores and over 100 online retailers. Westfield Store Finder Store Finder: Finding a store was fundamental for Westfield customers. The mix of online and in-centre stores added additional complexity to the business logic but was solved with simple filters. On the mobile site, location was detected to further remove friction from the user experience. Westfield Deal Finder Retailer deals listing: On and offline retailer offers system allowed retail marketing teams to upload offers in support their campaigns. These offers would then appear on the Westfield site in contextually relevant areas and also in the mobile environment. Westfield Deal Details Retailer deal detail screen Westfield Product Finder Product browse: Multi-select facet navigation was the core user interface method when browsing products across the site. The facets allowed for the filtering of products by: store, brand, price, colour, size and includes custom facets for special categories such as electronics. Westfield Product Details Product detail screen: The most important page on any e-Commerce site and must do all they can to make the product desirable and included all relevant information about the product such as: price, description, details and physical locations. Westfield Shopping Cart Shopping cart: The shopping cart summarised every product added with an option to remove. Properties such as quantity, promo codes and delivery options can be edited within the cart. The checkout flow itself is divided into 3 parts, delivery information, payment details and review before payment is confirmed. Westfield Ordering Ordering confirmation screen