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Redbelly Network
2022 - Present
Cluey Learning
2019 - 2022
Fairfax Media
2017 - 2019
Elastic Grid
2012 - 2017
2007 - 2012
Games Workshop
2005 - 2007

I'm a Product and Design Leader passionate about uncovering core problems to ensure solutions meet customer needs while meeting business objectives. My drive is 'outcomes' and is enabled by collaborative cycles of research, ideation, refinement, considered delivery and optimisation.

Over the past 15 years I’ve led design and customer experience teams, as well as led product development from vision to launch. My approach has helped businesses large and small across a range of industries, including Table-Top gaming, Retail, B2B, Media and Education.

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A selection of products and services I've designed and/or managed.

Cluey Service Management

Creating a consistent customer experience from Cluey families across all channels and touch-points to ensure customer needs were met while meeting business sustainability goals.
Cluey Learning service management initiative screen example

Cluey Learning Summer Initiative

Customer experience design across the long summer holidays between school years. Creating the right experience for customers during this time was vital to both Cluey's growth and sustainability.
Cluey Learning summer initiative mobile screen example

Cluey Bricks Design System

Consistant, effiecient and effective design fragments to ensure Cluey's design principles are made manifest through experiences.
Cluey Bricks Design System Overview

Cluey Learning Website

Raising awareness of the features and benefits of Cluey's products by designing the best online conditions for product discovery and merchandising to increase enrolment and meet growth targets.
Cluey Homepage

SMH Universal App

Enabling readers of The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age to consume their daily news effectively. As the Metro Apps Product Lead, I ensured we were working to deliver an app experience in accordance with the insight of our research, reader needs and business goals.
SMH/The Age App

SMH Subscriptions

Redesign of the Metro Masthead subscription flow to align it with new brand direction, decrease friction and increase purchase.
SMH/The Age Subscription Fulfilment

Elastic Grid

As the Manager of the Elastic Grid Product and CX Team I oversaw the end-to-end customer experience. This included visual identity, marketing, UX/UI design, and support assets to address the changing needs of channel marketers and their partners from 2012.
Elastic Grid

Westfield is one of the largest shopping center developers in the world, as a UX/UI designer across their online properties my work included the ambitious Westfield Online eCommernce retail aggregatition platform.

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